Devotional: Physically Distanced – Spiritually Close

These meditations are written by people in our Willerup church family, regular folks who sit in the pews, or for some in these days of Covid-19, watch from their couch. The latest is below, or see the link for a list of previous writings.

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The ‘Cross’ That ‘Crosses’ Us Over the Storms

Matthew 8:23-27
Mark 4:35-41
Luke 8:22-25

“As evening came, Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Let’s cross over to the other side of the lake.’”
Mark 4:35 (New Living Translation)

Seems straightforward.  Seems easy enough.  There was a boat.  Jesus was in it with them.  And the disciples were fully aware of his capacity for miracles.  Healings of leprosy and paralysis and a withered hand.  Miracles all!

Have you had a “crossing”?  I have.  Many.  Starting with the moment of turning to Jesus and away from teachings of a religion that was rooted in the perversion of who Jesus really was.  That was long ago.  And my mother was nothing but loving.  But she too, in the loss of a husband when I was but 2, was challenged to find “faith” in the path forward.  Her longing in the labor of loss led to a storm of misguided loyalty to a false sense of God and Jesus.  I was brought up in this belief in my youth.  My “storm” was that of confusion in those many years that followed.  The story of “crossing” over to the Truth is not for this moment.  Maybe for another time.

The story today is about Jesus’ question to those he called “disciples”.  They are in the boat.  There is a storm.  They were in fear.  Fear of death at the hands of that storm.  And what did Jesus do?  He calmed the storm.  More important to me is the question asked in the boat.  “Why are you so afraid?  Do you still not have faith in me?” (Mark 4:40)

Storms are of all sorts, are they not?  COVID 19.  Emotions.  Work.  Finances.  Family. 

I awaken every morning to the need for a question to be answered for that day.

“Have I CROSSED OVER in FAITH?  The storms of the day will come.  But, has Jesus’ work on the “Cross” changed me?  Has it?  If so, I am His and that then should be my answer to the day.  To the storms.  Jesus is in the boat with me and is ready to calm the storms IF I have FAITH in that TRUTH.

Lord Jesus, God-sent, present for me in this boat I am in, crossing the sea of life, looking into my soul, asking me “Why are you so afraid.  Do you still not have faith in me?”
Faith be my fortress.  Faith be my focus.  Faith be my future.  And only You can provide the boat that crosses me over into such faith.  I seek it! I embrace it!
And, I thank you for being in the boat of my life’s journey toward the faith-filled assurance that Your Cross is my “crossing guard” to a safe return home!

Ron Dayton

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